Lekpas, Ltd provides international cargo transportation services.

Company’s specialization: temperature controlled transport operations – in order to fulfill this function, the company owns over a hundred semitrailers – fridges, meeting the Euro 5 standard, as well as dry goods, packed into pallets under 24 tons.

Cargo: controlled temperature required cargo – frozen cooled fish, meat and its products, fruits, vegetables, flowers, chocolate, various drinks, medical industry products, secondary animal products, requiring 3rd category veterinarian certificate, as well as various dangerous and toxic cargo. 

Transportation directions: the cargos are transported from/to many countries – Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Latvia. It includes international transportations, as well as local, within the boundaries of one country.

Transportation equipment: the belongings of the company include 100 Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Scania trucks, meeting all the ES standards, as well as 100 fridges – semitrailers, meeting Euro 5-6 standards. 

Dispatchers’ civil liability: according to the CMR convention, insured for the value of 1 000 000 Euros. 

Safety of the cargo: all the vehicles have the GPS tracking devices that allow to monitor and control the movements of the cargo and its location. All the vehicles are insured. 

Personnel: professional office staff and experienced qualified drivers – dispatchers. 

Additional services: loading and delivering just in time, an automatic moving monitoring of the loaded vehicle, an extra insurance for the cargo of high value, storage, loading, unloading, customs mediation, complex logistics (3PL), freight forwarding.